Ring Size



All rings can be adapted according to your specifications.

The size options provided are US and Canada standard ring size options.
If you're not from the USA, please check the image with the International Ring Size Table for the equivalent.


Not sure of your ring size? No problem!

  • Option #1 - Find your ring size from a ring you already own here.
  • Option #2 - Find your ring size through the paper strip method, follow the instructions here.

If the ring you're buying has a wide band, use a wide band ring as a reference (option 1) or use a wide paper strip (option 2). Usually, this type of ring needs to be half a size bigger than the usual to be comfortable.

To avoid issues, be very mindful measuring your finger when shopping for rings online. The ring should be just large enough to go over your knuckle but fit snug enough so it's comfortable and doesn't fall off. Keep in mind that there's a different size between hands as well.

For additional information don't hesitate to contact me at info@bandidojewelry.com